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Delhi's decision to get inspired from the developed countries in order to rectify its land problems have garnered huge support from the people of Delhi. The inspiration led the DDA to come up with the mass-affective Land Pooling Policy (LPP). The policy is highly beneficial for everyone. Rarely something arrives in the midst of things which has a potential to change the entire landscape of a city. Such is the power of greatly acclaimed LPP. Generations of our farmers have lived a life closely related to those of poor mainly due to policies such as Land Acquisition Act. Apart from taking away people's land, it took away their life too. Nor they would get even a quarter of their fair compensation. But, now in LPP, things are changing as the farmers will get market rate of their land with 50% land back at a new location. Moreover, the massive development which the Land Pooling Policy is boasting of will have these land poolers as shareholders. Apart from providing big relief to the farmers, the policy will give a new hope to the working class as well as poor people as a gigantic 2.5 million affordable houses will be constructed under this policy. Employment opportunities will be raining with the end of unauthorized development which is a blot to this culturally rich land of Delhi.

The government will be making a revenue of Rs50,000 crore of US $ 7.4 billion! The infrastructure on the land will be done by the government while the residential and commercial spaces will be brought up by developer entities. However, LPP still has to complete its full cycle of completion as the Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is yet to put the last nail in the coffin to fully implement this policy.